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We are tax experts for startups and will remove the burden they place on you so you can focus on your business

Leverage us for your startup taxes

Whether we've been handling your books and accounting or not, we have the expertise to take on your tax needs.  It doesn't matter if your company is in the seed stage or has had multiple rounds of funding with amazing growth, we can help!

simplified taxes

We will handle all your fillings such as 1120/1120S, 1065, 1040, 1099, sales & use, property tax, franchise tax and other business tax matters. 


Our tax experts have decades of experience in all areas of corporate tax.  You'll have a dedicated professional making sure the correct strategy is created, executed and deadlines are met.

year-round support

We stand behind you with year-round tax advice, planning, and filings for federal, state and local agencies.

Research & Development Tax Credit

This government-created tax deduction allows credits to companies conducting R&D in the US. As with other tax incentives, a credit can be claimed against income tax liability or payroll tax for qualifying companies.  We are seasoned experts at helping eligible clients qualify and apply for this credit.

Latest Tax Articles

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Using Tags in QuickBooks Online

Classes and categories have their place in QuickBooks Online transactions. Tags add another way to track your financial data.QuickBooks Online is a great tool for creating, storing, and sending sales and purchase forms, and for building detailed customer and vendor profiles. Maybe that’s all you want it to do. But to get the most out of this web-based accounting application, you should really be using its classification tools so you can view related transactions as groups and learn how specific parts of your business are doing.Tags are the newest tool for this task. They’re customizable labels that allow you to track whatever you want, for whatever elements of your business that you want to track. You could determine how much…

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Info

At its most straightforward, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available at the federal level to businesses that go out of their way to hire people from a targeted group that has historically had difficulty finding gainful employment.The theory is to encourage business owners of all types to create economic opportunities whenever possible. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit also helps talk a bit of the stress off of various government assistance programs, many of which need all the help they can get.The Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Breaking Things DownWith regard to the aforementioned targeted groups, they include ones like the following:Qualified IV-A recipients. This involves anyone who is getting financial assistance – or their family members – under Part A…