Client Testimonials

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"JColeman Consulting has been an invaluable asset to Blendid. Their team seamlessly adapted to our growth trajectory, providing essential support as we onboarded new partners and conducted thorough business audits for fundraising purposes. Their seamless integration into our extended team has been instrumental to our success.  JColeman Consulting is truly a trusted partner of ours."

Vipin Jain
Co-Founder & CEO

"I'm truly impressed by the responsiveness, expertise, and collaborative approach of JColeman Consulting. Their guidance as a trusted partner has been invaluable in navigating complex financial matters. Their dedication to delivering excellence and unmatched quality sets them apart. I highly recommend them to any startup seeking professional accounting support."

Leo Grady
Founder & CEO

"Partnering with JColeman Consulting is proving to be a great decision for our startup. Their  unmatched expertise and dedication to excellence have empowered us to focus on our business. From their integrity-driven approach to their unmatched professionalism, JColeman Consulting has become an indispensable asset in our journey to success. I highly recommend them to any startup seeking top-notch accounting support.”

Michael Tafuro

"We've absolutely loved working with the team at JColeman! They are professional and accessible (both for time-sensitive and ongoing work), and the team is highly experienced and effective at covering our accounting needs. They've brought me peace of mind knowing that I have regular, high-quality support on a daily and weekly basis. I would strongly recommend JColeman to anyone considering their services!"

Kevin Hedrick
Business Operations

"We've had the pleasure of partnering with JColeman Consulting, and their professionalism is truly unmatched. From their impressive responsiveness to their dedication to delivering excellence, JColeman Consulting stands out as a trusted partner. Their expertise and knowledge have been invaluable in navigating complex financial matters, and their collaborative approach makes working with them a breeze. We trust the accuracy and thoroughness of their work, and we highly recommend JColeman Consulting to any business in need of top-notch accounting support."

Nadia Clarke
Finance Manager

"JColeman Consulting has provided our fast-growing cleantech start-up with an agile combination of in-depth accounting expertise, responsiveness to questions and situations, and on-time-on-point professionalism from start to finish that we trust. Big-name accounting firms we used previously just didn’t deliver as well on any of these regards."



Todd Brix
Co-Founder & CEO

"JColeman Consulting has exceeded our expectations as a trusted partner in jumping in and managing our Financial and HR needs. The responsiveness is unparalleled, always providing timely and insightful advice. The depth of their expert knowledge has been instrumental in guiding our financial strategy and ensuring our business stays on track. We highly value their professionalism and the peace of mind they bring to our financial operations. "

Pepe Davis

"As a client of JColeman Consulting, I've experienced firsthand their unwavering commitment to integrity and honesty in all our interactions. Their impressive responsiveness and professionalism have consistently exceeded my expectations, making them a trusted partner in managing my startup's finances. I appreciate their empathetic approach and collaborative efforts, which have truly made navigating financial complexities feel like a team effort."



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