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Tax Benefits of Seasonal Family Employment

Article Highlights: Employing a ChildChild Payroll TaxesFUTA Tax for a ChildChild IRA ContributionsChild Tax-Free IncomeSpouses Working in the Same BusinessPartnershipSpousal Joint VentureSpouse EmployeeSeasonal times of the year bring a lot of extra work for many family-run businesses, which may require putting the kids to work and having a spouse help out over the busy time. […]

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Distributed Workforce Businesses Are Facing Challenges as They Adapt to Remote Employees

According to one recent study, nearly half of all employees switched to working remotely in 2020 during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost overnight, local and state lockdowns went into effect on all services deemed non-essential — meaning that people suddenly had to adapt to a working situation that couldn’t be more foreign to […]

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