Due Diligence

We'll review the financial information being provided and assess the underlying operational performance of the business 

The Value We Bring to Your Deal

Financial due diligence is a crucial component of any investment or M&A process. By thoroughly examining the financial information of the target business, we can verify how well it reflects the actual condition of the company or business, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successful deal.

Our financial due diligence process involves identifying and focusing on critical success factors that will be essential to the target business's future success. By doing so, we help you gain a deeper understanding of all relevant issues, enabling you to make informed decisions about your investment or acquisition.

We will provide you with greater certainty over the nature of the business including understanding characteristics of its cash and identifying value drivers to help enable informed decisions and reduce risk.

Due Diligence Packages

Due Diligence Light

$Lowest Cost

Access All Accounts & Systems
Interview Financial Team
Cash Verification w/ Screen-share
Q/A Business/Controls/Policies
Review Financial Statements
Trace Top 2-5 Sales
Q/A Tax Filings
Report w/ Detail Findings

Recommended For
Stage: Seed - Series A
Size: Small - Medium

Due Diligence Complete

$Great Value

Light Package +

Equity Reconciliation
Cap Table Review
Reconcile BS Schedule to Financials
Reconcile Rev Rec to Financials
Increase Sample Size of Sales
Sample of Internal Controls
Review & Confirm Tax Filings are Filed

Recommended For
Stage: Series A/B
Size: Medium

Due Diligence CFO

$Most Value

Complete Package +

CFO Review of:
ARR Analysis
Cash Investment Policy

Recommended For
Stage: Series B/C+
Size: Medium - Large