About Us

We empower startups to thrive and transform through expert accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and fractional CFO services. 

Our Core Values

Our core values serve as guiding principles that shape our company culture, inform decision-making, and align us with our clients, vendors, and each other.


At our accounting firm, integrity forms the cornerstone of everything we do. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our interactions. Integrity means we always prioritize the best interests of our clients, maintaining confidentiality and professionalism in every aspect of our work.

Trusted Partner

We understand the significance of trust in a client-advisor relationship, which is why we strive to be more than just an accounting service provider. As your trusted partner, we commit to deeply understanding your business goals, challenges, and aspirations. We work collaboratively with you, offering personalized solutions and proactive guidance to help you navigate the complexities of financial management with confidence.


Building a startup can be an emotionally and intellectually taxing journey. We approach our work with empathy, recognizing the unique challenges and pressures you face as a startup founder or entrepreneur. Our empathetic approach means we listen attentively, understand your concerns, and tailor our support to meet your specific needs, providing not just financial expertise but also emotional support and encouragement along the way.


Quality is non-negotiable in our firm. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every service we provide, from basic bookkeeping to complex financial analysis. Our team of experienced professionals ensures accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail in all our deliverables, empowering you with reliable insights to make informed decisions for your startup's success.


 We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve mutual success. As your accounting partner, we view ourselves as an extension of your team, working closely with you to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. We foster open communication, encourage feedback, and actively seek opportunities to collaborate with you, your team, and other stakeholders to unlock the full potential of your startup. Together, we can accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


Our Leadership Team

Our dedicated and experienced leadership team is committed to guiding your startup towards financial success and growth.

Joanna Coleman CPA
Founder & CEO

Joanna has helped build a successful public accounting firm, as well as been a part of the core management team within many small businesses and startups, both private and public, over her 25+ year career. She excels in both strategic and tactical initiatives which are highly effective in moving companies forward to achieving their goals.

Joanna helped raise over $100 million directly for startups in non-dilutive and equity financing rounds. She is well versed in board and investor relations as well as corporate governance.

Gaea Dennis CPA


Gaea Dennis has over 20 years of experience in business including consulting, management, accounting, and finance.

She has worked in several industries including tech, law, nonprofit, healthcare & agriculture. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting from San Jose State and an MBA from Sacramento State University.

She is an active CPA in California.

Michelle Cook


Michelle Cook is an experienced accounting professional with over 30 years of expertise in the field, serving as a Controller for the past 14 years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from California State University at Sacramento and has sharpened her skills through years of hands-on experience. Before joining JColeman Consulting, Michelle worked for small to medium sized companies in a broad range of industries and she especially enjoys working with start-ups.

Originally from California, she now calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest her home, where she enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the PNW in her free time.

Joe Schaller


Joe has twenty-five plus years as a financial leader and innovator with senior-level accounting and operations experience. Has worked across a variety of industries from healthcare, construction, service, and manufacturing. Experience with small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

He is a strong, hands-on, and approachable director who understands the value of being a team-player and a motivator who inspires staff to achieve optimal results. Joe provides oversight, monitoring, and strategic analysis while maintaining internal controls and safeguards. He has demonstrated success developing a vision for the future and creating a culture in which long-range goals can be achieved.

Kimberly Kleeberg


Kimberly Kleeberg is a highly motivated and experienced professional with 22 year of experience in accounting and finance leadership, as well as operations, inventory and supply chain management.  She earned her BBA in Accounting from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and is highly proficient in development of accounting and finance policies and procedures in start-up environments.  She has worked in various industries ranging from manufacturing, electronic commerce, and food and beverage, to SaaS, Non-Profit, and Consumer Electronics, among others.  

Kimberly has demonstrated long-term success in partnering with operations leaders and working with staff at all levels of the organization to move start-ups experiencing rapid growth towards their short-term and long-term goals.